Company Profile

Fortune Technologies Limited is a manufacturing company of Fiber Optic infrastructure accessories, Electrical and Electronic Products. Other than its own products FTL can do OEM for national and international customers. It is a setup with Engineers and Management Professionals having Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Quality Assurance expertise.

A. Communication Network Physical Connection & Protection Equipment:

Fiber Optic Connection Devices:

We can supply a range of most common Patch Cords of different combinations. We are on our way to manufacture them right here in Bangladesh, in the meantime, we are stocking them from a renowned manufacturer from Shenzhen, China.

B. Passive Optic Devices

PLC  & FBT Splitters and WDM Switch:

We offer a complete range of optical passives including PLC & FBT Splitters, CWDMs and DWDMs. These devices can be provided as separate components or terminated and housed in protective enclosures for rack mounting. 

C. FTTX Boxes

Joint Closure:

We are manufacturing these robust Joint Closers. We have two types of Joint Closures, one for Overhead and another for Underground use. These are UV radiation protected made from high quality plastic resins. The inner working is designed for most efficient installation and maintenance. We have done R&D on this products after taking inputs from technicians and installers of these Joint Closures. We are confident that these are lot better than imported ones. 

Optical Fiber Terminal Joint Box (TJ Box):

This TJ box is developed by us after careful R&D, making it suitable for all-weather durability, insect, dust & water leak protected. It is also very efficient to install only requiring two screws to close and open. The cable entry points are given strong leak-proof restraints and easy to install. It has also cable tie points to hang from either ends. 

D. Fiber Optic Infrastructure Supplies

Duct Coupler:

We are manufacturing these robust Couplers of high quality of construction. No Fiber Optic duct laying is better without these Couplers. Call us for your samples and price.

Cable Ties:

We manufacture 4”, 6”, 12” and 12” (wide- 8.5 mm) cable ties, made of high quality strong Nylon.  Call us for your sample and price.

End Plugs & End Caps:

The End Plugs and Caps are also manufactured by us. These are made of high quality plastic resin for your reliable fiber optic cable installations. Call us for your sample and price.

Wall Plugs:

These expanding wall plugs are in two sizes, for drill holes 6 & 8 mm, has anti-rotation fins to prevent spin. These are also manufactured by us. These high quality wall plugs are designed to give your screws reliable anchor. Call us for your sample and price.